Frequently Asked Flower Questions

The following questions are common queries that we have received from our customers. If you would like further help, please just call us at (800) 533 8573.


I saw that you have two sections of calla lily varieties. What is the difference between these sections?

That's right. We have our premium quality Callafornia Calla® varieties that are suitable for both cut, garden and pot use, and we also carry superb and unique Dutch breed varieties that are specialized for cut flower production. Backed by a long history of selective breeding, the Dutch breed callas, grown in The Netherlands, boast uniform, true-to-type coloring, tall stems and a marketable bloom shape and color that will provide the maximum benefit and profit for the cut flower grower.


Can you tell me how much your calla lilies cost?

Yes! We have all of our pricing for our calla lilies online. Just click on any of the thumbnail images to view additional details about the calla lilies and also pricing!


Do you ship to florists? 

Yes, we regularly ship to both retail and wholesale florists. If you are considering purchasing calla lilies on a regular basis, we do encourage you to enquire about setting up a floral account. For floral account setup, please call our sales department at (800) 533 8573.

If you are a bride, we also frequently ship our flowers to your florist who can arrange them for you for the wedding day.

How far in advance should I order my calla lilies?


We recommend placing your order as soon as you have a good idea of how many flowers you need. We do accept orders for delivery 6 months or more in the future, Please try to place your order at least a week before your desired delivery date. If you need flowers in less than a week, please contact us via telephone at (800) 533 8573 and we will be glad to help you with your order.


What if I need to make changes to my order?

No problem! Once an order has been placed, any type of changes can be submitted in writing via email. Sorry, but due to logistical reasons we cannot make changes to an order less than 7 days before the delivery date.

I am looking for the mini calla lilies - do you have them?

Yes we do carry mini calla lilies. In fact, all colored calla lilies are called 'mini calla lilies.' This is to distinguish them from the large white variety (known as Aethiopica) which grows much taller with thicker stems.

Do the large calla lilies come in any color other than white?

The large calla lilies grow in White (more of a cream/white), Green, and a Bi-color creamy-white with a pinkish purple markings, called Diva Maria.


How soon before my event should I schedule my flowers to arrive?

We highly recommend that you schedule your calla lilies to arrive two (2-3) days prior to your event. This will allow sufficient time for you to arrange the blooms, and in the event of a delay, you will still receive your flowers with time to spare. Though we never anticipate any delays, on rare occasions we do experience them. 

For a Saturday wedding, we recommend choosing delivery for the Wednesday or Thursday before the wedding date.


How long can I expect my calla lilies to last?

If you are looking for a flower with an extraordinary vase life, the calla lily is your best bet! Callas can look great anywhere from four days to two weeks. So much depends on the water, environment where they are kept and any exposure to sunlight. To ensure long lasting calla lilies, follow our suggestions outlined in the Calla Lily Care pages.


How are the flowers delivered? Will they really withstand the journey and arrive in good shape?


Our flowers are delivered via FedEx Overnight Delivery. We guarantee that they will arrive in good shape and without defect. While they are well-hydrated beforehand at our growers' farms, they are shipped out of water. It is important to cut the stems and get the flowers in water as soon as you can after you receive them. Take an look here at our "Calla Lily Care" information.They will be fine out of water while in transit, but time is of the essence!


Is there any problem shipping to my state? Will the flowers be ok travelling such a long distance?


We regularly ship calla lilies across the United States. We ship all our flowers via FedEx overnight delivery and guarantee that they will arrive in good shape. Your flowers will arrive a little thirsty after their trip, but will perk up beautifully after approximately 6 hours in water. Don't forget that any local florist likely also has to receive a shipment of flowers in the same manner!


Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada?


For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, there is a shipping surcharge of $15
For shipments to Puerto Rico, there is a shipping surcharge of $55.

For shipments to Canada, please contact us via email with the exact postal code of the delivery address and some idea of what you are planning to order. We can then let you know the cost of the shipping surcharge and any custom duties: [email protected]


Do you have instructions on how to take care of my flowers in order to keep them in the best condition for my wedding?


Regarding caring for your flowers, here’s the absolute basics: Please unpack them immediately when you receive them and cut about 1/4 inch off the ends of the stems. Place in clean roomy vases or buckets with plenty of lukewarm water (EXCEPT mini callas - these should be kept in 1 to 2 inches of water). Keep them in a cool, dim room and try to change the water about every 24 hrs. There's a few more tips and some additional info on our Calla Lily Care pages.


What is the difference between mini calla lilies and the regular/large sized calla lilies? The bloom size or the stem height? How would I use each in my wedding?


The regular/large sized callas only grow in 2 colors - the Classic Large White or the Green Goddess. These have really large blooms (over 5 inches in diameter when fully open) on very tall, sturdy, thick stems (20-30 inches in height).

All other callas are called 'Mini' callas. The stems are thinner and the flowers are more delicate and smaller (2-5 inches in diameter). Within the Mini callas, we have 2 stem heights: Premium stem height and Extra-tall stem height. The only real difference in the premium and extra-tall calla lilies is the length of the stem, although the bloom on the extra-tall callas can average slightly larger

The mini callas look great in vases, bouquets and boutonnieres and the majority of brides find that the premium stem height is perfect for bouquets and most vase arrangements. Extra-tall callas work best in arm-held or cascade style bouquets. The regular/large sized callas also look great in vases and make for a large bouquet, but they are a little too large for boutonnieres.

Take a look at this short video showing the difference between the different sizes of calla lilies.


How many mini calla lilies do you recommend for a bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquet?

For a bridal bouquet of mini callas, you can use 30-40 callas for a nice, full and lush bouquet. For the bridesmaid bouquets, you could either use less callas (between 20 and 30) or perhaps even the same number in a contrasting color would work for you, depending on the colors of the wedding.


How many classic large white callas do I need for a bridal bouquet?

The large classic white callas are really tall and have the largest bloom size so you can use fewer flowers than you would with the mini calla lilies. For a full bridal bouquet, we suggest around 30. As few as 15 large white calla lilies would work also but would create a more minimalistic look.

Do calla lilies also work as boutonnieres?

Yes they do. We recommend using the mini callas for boutonnieres as the classic large white callas are sometimes larger than the boutonnier you may have in mind.

Do you supply other types of flowers too?


Yes, we also supply a wide range of wholesale flowers. Please contact us at (800) 533-8573 to inquire about other flowers that you do not see listed on the site (we can ship you almost every variety!).

Do your flowers come with vases? Do you sell vases? Where can I buy vases?

No, our flowers do not come with vases. They are shipped well-packed in a box for do-it-yourself arranging. We only supply fresh flowers and flower bulbs. For vases and other floral equipment, we would suggest visiting your local craft store or floral supply store.

Does the calla lily flower have any particular meaning?

Yes, the meaning of the calla lily is ‘magnificent beauty’.

Are calla lilies associated with a particular season? Are they Summer flowers for instance?

Calla lilies don’t really have an association with a particular season. We do find that the brightly colored mini callas (pink, yellow, lavender) are more popular in the Spring and Summer, and the large white and darker colored calla lilies (orange, purple, black/deep purple) are more popular in Fall and Winter.