Pacific Callas: We're the calla lily people!

At Pacific Callas, one thing is for sure – we really know our calla lilies! As the calla lily specialists, we monitor the forefront of the calla lily industry, keeping up-to-date on the newest calla lily varieties and installing the most advanced growing techniques. Our focus is providing our customers with the highest quality calla lilies, fresher and at a better price.

Our callas are not shipped to any shipping facility, warehouse or cooler where they wait around for days before they are re-shipped to you, cutting into their freshness and lifespan. Our callas are shipped directly from the growers, often the same morning that they are cut from the fields!

The Pacific Callas cutflower website was designed to be simple for all to use while providing our customers the access to order directly from our growers’ fields 24 hours a day.To simplify ordering, all shipping charges are included in the price of your flowers. Our calla lilies are delivered without water and should always arrive to you fresh but thirsty and ready to be rehydrated.

It's very simple. You can't get fresher, higher quality calla lilies at a more competitive price!

We happily ship to:

  • Brides
  • Wedding Planners
  • Florists & Wholesalers
  • Retail Flower Shops
  • Home Florists
  • Wedding & Event Coordinators
  • Grocery Chains
  • Retail Outlets
  • Fundraisers
  • Hotels & Retaurants
  • Individuals
  • Promotional Programs
  • Anyone looking for the best price on the highest quality fresh calla lily flowers!