Wholesale & Bulk Calla Lilies:

We understand that flowers are often the first items to be reviewed when faced with event budget decisions. This is particularly true for wedding flowers. However, wedding planning on a budget does not have to mean merely cutting corners when it comes to flowers. It can also inspire your creative instincts and provide a opportunity for a more personal and memorable shared experience for bride, groom, friends and family. Buying grower-direct wholesale calla lily flowers to arrange for your wedding is a unique way to save money on your wedding flowers while also ensuring a memorable wedding day experience.

At Pacific Callas, we enjoy helping brides purchase premium grower-direct wholesale calla lily flowers for their weddings. As the calla lily specialists, we are able not only to supply calla lily flowers of the highest quality available, but to pass along the cost savings to our customers! 

 The word calla is derived from the Greek term for beautiful. The calla lily flower itself symbolizes sophistication and radient beauty and these long-lasting, elegant flowers have been long a natural choice to grace bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces.

or the Bride-to-be who wants to create the most unique, personally styled wedding, at Pacific Callas, we can extend our experienced guidance, a stellar selection of fresh calla lily flowers, and of course our incredible pricing all towards the goal of making your special day both unforgettable and affordable. 

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