Calla Lily Wedding Favors:

An effective way of drawing your event together is to create a theme or motif that will weave through key elements of your celebration. This can range from a color that coordinates decor with dresses or a monogram that is printed on the invitations all the way through to the napkins. A theme can also be as subtle as having flower design and arrangement in a ceremony location coordinate with that in the reception

The choice of a theme or motif (or even the decision not to include one!) gives a stamp of uniqueness to the special day. But did you know that it also aids guests and honored invitees in forming nostalgic memories and recalling the celebration long after the day is over? That's why we at Pacific Callas like the idea of giving out calla lily bulbs as wedding favors. As guests return home, they will naturally think of the special couple as they plant the bulbs in their garden. As the plant grows and blooms, they will once again be drawn back to thinking of the festive celebration. And as the calla lily is a perennial, it will keep on producing elegant blooms and little gems of memories year after year!

In our calla lily bulb shop, we supply calla lily bulbs of all colors (they can even match the color of your wedding flowers), with discounted pricing at larger quantities. Perfect for thoughtful, do-it-yourself wedding favors!

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Calla Lily Wedding Favors