Calla Lily Flower Tips & Tricks:

1. To make your calla lilies last as long as possible, try to handle them as little as possible, taking extra care to avoid touching the flower heads themselves. 

2. Always cut fresh flowers with a sharp knife. Scissors or a dull knife can crush the stem of a flower and reduce the amount of water that can reach the bloom. When you are cutting the stem place the knife on an angle and slice through the stem. This creates a point at the end of the stem which maximizes the amount of water that can reach the bloom.

3. If you run out of or do not have flower food (You can purchase flower food at your local florist) simply add a few tablespoons of 7-UP or Sprite to the water. These beverages contain citric acid which is one of the ingredients contained in a package of flower food.

4. For large calla lilies and other flowers, always keep the water level topped up in the vase or container which holds your flowers. For mini calla lilies, keep only 1-2 inches of water in the bottom of the vase.

5. Never place your fresh flowers where there might be a warm draft, such as, the top of a refrigerator or beside a heating vent. Fresh flowers last longer when they are at room temperature or cooler.

6. When arranging calla lilies in a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet, keep in mind that the flower stems can drip, leaving stains or marks on dresses or other material. To avoid this, let the flowers stay approximately 30 minutes out of water before holding them close to fabric.

Calla Lily Tips and Tricks