Calla Lily Flower Color Information:

Pacific Callas guarantees calla lily flowers by color range and stem length. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee specific varieties of calla lilies. This is because flower availability varies throughout the year and growing periods may be determined by climatic conditions. Some varieties produce better than others in a certain season. We guarantee instead calla lily colors within a color range. Throughout a production season, there are natural variations in calla lily color and varietal production and also, the hue of calla lily flowers sometimes deepen naturally as the flower matures.

We have taken great care that the images of our calla lilies appear as true to actual color as possible. However, computer monitors vary widely, and one color may not appear identical from one monitor to the next. Also, please bear in mind that the same calla lily flower, viewed with the naked eye, can seem to vary in color tone depending on the light in which it is placed. For example, the same colored calla lily will look brighter and more intense at a sunny garden event but will appear more subdued or muted in tone at an evening candlelit dinner. The same is true for photographs of colored calla lilies (and other colored flowers). The same flower could appear quite different in hue when photographed under different light conditions, or even when shot by two different cameras in the same location! (Please click here for some general advise on choosing flowers for your special event.)

Having said all this, we do guarantee that you will receive your calla lily flowers within the color range category(s) you choose. Please see below for our color range categories:

Please note that a percentage of white calla lilies may have pinkish edges.

Offwhite to cream to pale or dark ivory.

Cream to butter to dark ivory or champagne.

White centers flushed with green and blending to broad green tips.

Pale pink, lavender tones, garnet tones, hot pink, dark pink.

Pale lavender to lilac to bright fushia to purple.

Dark dusky pink to plum, ruby red, maroon and burgundy.

Peach or apricot colors with tones of pale orange, pink, yellow, purple or red.

Yellow with a red rim, two-tone orange, apricot, to pale orange, glowing orange, brick, rust or copper.

Pale lemon yellow to bright sunshine to dark yellow and gold.

Dark burgundy, deep chocolate to purple to black.

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Calla Lily Colors