Pacific Callas Wholesale Calla Lily Bulbs Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are queries that we have received from our customers. We update these questions and answers regularly. If you have any other questions or comments, please click here to fill out our question form. If you would just like to speak with a representative, please don't hesitate to call us at (800) 533 8573.

Please view the entire collection of our customers' frequently asked questions below:

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Although there is no minimum order, there will be a $50.00 packaging and handling fee for shipments of under $500.00. Also, please bear in mind that, for each variety, orders must adhere to the specified tray or counts.

Do I have to order in specific quantities? 

If you are ordering any of the colored Callafornia Calla® varieties, orders must be in conformance with our standard carton/tray count packs. There are minimum counts per size that correspond to the warehouse tray counts and all orders must be in multiples of these tray counts by size. There are no specific quantities for the aethiopica types or any of our cut flower varieties.

May I order just a few calla lily bulbs for my garden?

Yes! We also ship calla lily bulbs in smaller quantities that are perfect for home gardening use. They work great in gardens, planters and also as houseplants. Please visit our online calla lily store to order directly via the website.

When exactly do you ship?

Colored Callafornia Callas ship mostly year-round, Aethiopica varieties ship starting September through January and Dutch Varieties ship February and March. Please contact us for shipping information regarding the Dutch Varieties and Callafornia Callas as availability sometimes varies throughout the year.

When do you recommend planting the calla bulbs for holiday forcing?

Forcers' recommended plant weeks for holiday forcing are as follows:

Valentine's Day: (weeks 43 - 46)
Easter Day: (weeks 1 - 4)
Mother's Day: (weeks 8 - 10)

When planting callas October through December, please allow 2 to 3 extra weeks (13-14 total) for peak bloom. For these early plantings, plan also on using additional Bonzi, maintaining cooler temperatures and optimizing available light.

What is Pre-Treatment?

A pre-treatment option with giberellins and disinfectants is available to both cut and pot growers, as well as dry sale customers. This pre-treatment both insures a healthy crop and doubles the number of blooms on most varieties. We pre-treat all our bulbs.

What if I need to cancel or change my order?

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for changes or cancellations of orders. For all cancellations less than two weeks prior to shipment, a restocking charge of $30 will apply. If the product has already been pre-treated, 10% of total invoice value will be billed.

What about freezing during shipping?

All bulbs must be protected from freezing during transit. Some orders may be delayed if freezing weather persists. We will hold orders if freezing conditions exist across country.