Our Commitment to Quality: Calla Lily Bulbs for both Pot and Cut Flower Growers

At Pacific Callas, we work with the world's best Calla Lily bulb growers and are commited to providing our customers with only the highest quality Calla Lily varieties. We personally visit our growers to ensure continued quality of production, careful handling and efficient distribution. We also select differentiated varieties that are specifically bred for cut flower and pot use.

As a distributor of premium quality Callafornia Calla® bulbs, Pacific Callas provides:

  •  a Vigorous, young, multi-eyed calla lily bulbs that produce fuller plants
    with high bloom quantity. 

  • a Varieties that are specifically bred for small, medium and large pot
    production as well as for cut flower, 
    landscape and garden use. 
  • a A fresh, young product that is never recycled from old cut flower blocks
    or other stock. 

  • a Healthy bulbs that have been carefully protected against virus exposure
    via an F1 production system
    that categorically prohibits shipping carry-over
    production from tissue-culture offsets, planting stock, etc... 

  • a Cultural guidelines that are updated regularly by the most concerted
    Zantedeschia research program in the
    world and further augmented by
    information from a customer base of growers around the globe

Our Bulbs: A Comparison

As a distributor of world-renowned Callafornia Callas®, Pacific Callas is able to provide seed-grown calla lily bulbs that are never more than two years old. Older calla lily bulbs can be from three to five years old. Older bulbs are apically dominant with fewer growing points, from less vigorous, plant-back or recycled cut flower stock. They can have 2 to 4 times the virus and pathogen exposure. A vegetatively propagated bulb loses vigor with each growing cycle, leading to fewer flowers and leaves and a tall and rather thin plant.

Take a look at the image below to see how our bulbs compare to other products on the market:

aMulti-eyed, with several growing points

aVigorous first harvest stock with the least amount of virus and pathogen exposure

aExclusively seed grown and constantly rejuvenated with hybrid vigor

aNumerous flowers and leaves and a full, bushy plant

aBest suited to the full range of pot and cut flower grower needs